Burning Up

The West Coast has been on fire for weeks. Around the world, wildfires have destroyed millions of acres, wreaking havoc on communities and lives.

Scorching temperatures feed the flames. By now, who among us has not wondered if this is all the consequence of global warming and climate change?

Not Donald Trump! The White House would have to burn down around him before Trump would consider the possibility. Then he would probably dismiss the idea as a left wing hoax

Facts and science don’t count for much in TrumpLand. In fact, Trump’s minions have been waging war on scientific evidence since they took over the EPA.

The departure of Scott Pruitt from the EPA has done nothing to lessen their assault on environmental safety. The Department is still determined to gut Obama-era regulations. Their latest proposal: weaker rules for fossil-fuel-burning power plants.

Meanwhile, subsidies for clean energy have been slashed. Coal is king.

The only thing standing in the Trump administration’s way is the courts. If Democrats take the midterms, we could get tighter congressional oversight of the EPA. But we’ll probably have to wait for 2020 for real relief

Let’s hope we’re not all wearing repertory masks by then.