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The Manchurian President

Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan must still be roiling over in their graves. Neither of them took any crap from the Kremlin, so to see a president of the United States suck up to the head of the Russian state would have been unthinkable.

But that’s what happened at the recent Helsinki summit meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

In a now-famous post-meeting press conference, Trump was asked whether he believed Russia had tried to interfere with our 2016 election. He refused to give a direct answer but expressed doubt that Russia was involved.

In effect, Trump publically sided with Putin over his own U.S. intelligence community. He also refused to criticize Putin for his seizure of Crimea and his aggression in Ukraine.

What transpired in their one-on-one closed door meeting remains a mystery. Trump could have given Alaska back to Russia for all we know.

It makes you wonder if the Russian have something on Trump. Questionable loans? Money laundering? Or maybe there is a pee tape.

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