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Child Abuser in Chief

Babies ripped from their mother’s arms, kids forcibly separated from their parents and put in cages…sounds like Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. But it’s not.

It’s happening right here in the good old USA, thanks to Donald Trump’s Zero Tolerance policy for stemming illegal immigration at the Mexican border.

OK, so it’s cruel and inhumane, but is it working? Is it stemming the illegal tide?

The answer is no, It’s just creating misery.

Over the past few months illegal immigration has continued to surge. The policy of separating families at the border has done nothing to deter others from attempting the perilous journey

God knows our country’s immigration policies are a mess, but separating families at the border isn’t the answer. It’s a cruel, cynical polity that reflects the worst strains of racial prejudice.

Trump is fond of calling Hispanic immigrants rapists and murderers. So why not put them in cages? They are a threat to public safety..

Donald Trump is not America’s first racist president, but he is the most overt. When it comes to fear mongering, he is in a league of his own.

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