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Hide & Seek

Ah, the hubris of it.

Donald Trump returned from his one-day photo op with Kim Jong Un declaring that North Korea no longer presented a nuclear threat to us. He had worked his deal-making magic, and, hocus pocus, the Korean peninsula would soon be nuclear free.

Sure, and pigs are about to fly.

Kim has made it clear that he has no intention of giving up his nuclear capabilities, In fact,intelligence reports reveal that North Korea is working hard to hide those capabilities from us.

So as lower level diplomats continue to talk, a new game of hide and seek begins. Even if the North Koreans provide us with an inventory of their nuclear stash, verifying those numbers will become increasingly difficult.

The Singapore Summit between Trump and Kim is another example of diplomacy as theater. In Trumpland it's all about the photo op and the nightly news, not the actual work of resolving complex issue.

But then, what did you expect from a star of Realty TV?

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