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Previous presidential administrations were no strangers to damage control. But has there ever been an administration that racked up so many potential damaging situations in such a short time as Team Trump? I think not.

Even the laughably corrupt Harding and Grant administrations faced fewer ethical questions. Leave it to Donald Trump, the king of superlatives, to be on track for having the most corrupt administration in U.S. history.

Just this week we heard about Trump trying to ease sanctions on XTE, the big electronics giant in China. That’s right after the Chinese announced their intention to invest in a big Trump-branded deal in Indonesia. What a coincidence!

Another coincidence? How about the oil-rich Gulf state of Qatar? Why did Trump suddenly turn on this long-time U.S. ally and support Saudi Arabia’s blockade of Qatar? Was it because Qatar had just refused to invest in his son-in-law’s family skyscraper in midtown Manhattan? Qatar certainly got the message. They’ve agreed to pump cash into the troubled Kushner property, and now Trump is singing Qatar’s praises.

Brace yourself boys and girls. More sleazy things are coming. We still have 30 months before the next presidential elections.

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