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Good news: Paul Ryan has abandoned the good ship Donald B.

Bad news: he stuck around long enough to get his big tax cut for the rich passed into law.

So why isn’t Ryan sticking around to push the rest of his right-wing agenda—gutting Medicare and Medicaid, privatizing Social Security, slashing other parts of the social safety net? Could it be that he doesn’t have the stomach to battle Trump over these popular programs?

Donald Trump, the Prince of Debt, had no problem with a tax cut that could swell the deficit. But the rest of Ryan’s agenda is another matter.

Screwing with Medicare and Social Security won’t win Trump any points in Pennsylvania or West Virginia. Besides, Trump is fixated on immigration not entitlements. And that’s not Paul Ryan’s gig.

Ryan is a conservative ideologue. Cutting taxes on the rich and cutting spending on the middle class and poor is what he’s all about.

So Ratso Ryan took the easy way out and jumped ship. OK by me. I’m glad he won’t be around to screw things up any more than he already has.

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