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King Donald

There’s no question about the authoritarian streak in Donald Trump.

He has run his real estate operations like a royal preserve. He acts like he is above the law. He is impervious to advice. His narcissism is on par with Lois XIV.

So why not put a throne in the oval office? Give him the royal trappings that validate the regal position in his head.

Previous presidents have been criticized for wanting to be king. Lincoln, FDR, even Tricky Dick Nixon. But these men were skilled politicians. They were capable of getting their way by persuasion and political maneuvering, not royal decrees.

Donald Trump wants to rule by executive order—without any interference by the legislative and judicial branches of the government.

Our founding fathers came up with a system of checks and balance to protect us from would-be dictators or kings like Donald Trump. Let’s hope our craven congress can muster he balls to stand up for the constitution.

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