As an editorial cartoonist for the Sonoma Index-Tribune, I spent the past four years chronicling the bombast and brazenness of the Trump presidency. This book, The Tumultuous Reign of Donald the First, is the fruit of that labor.


The book’s cartoons remind us that Trump is everything our founding fathers warned us about: an autocrat, unprincipled, self-absorbed, a would-be Louis XIV.  All of Trump’s personas are on display in this book: Donald the First, Truimpzilla, Tariffman, God’s Gift to Women, and, of course, World’s Greatest Diplomat


I know some of you don’t want to think about Donald Trump anymore.   But for those who want a good laugh at Trump’s expense, this is the book for you.



Special Offer


Release date for the book is March 1, 2021, at $25 per copy.  If you order a copy before February10th I will personally inscribe and sign your book

The Tumultuous Reign of Donald the First